General Rules and Course Etiquette

Booking & Registration.

A booking is required for playing the course and all players must register in the reception, prior entering the course.


Tee-Times & Flights.

Tee times are set every 10 minutes, daily, starting at 09:00 o’clock until dark.

If more than 16 golfers play at the same time, flights of 4 are required for optimizing the pace of play.


Pace of Play.

Two and a half hours / 18 holes is considered a good pace of play at Izvor de Golf. Players failing to maintain the pace of play during a round, will allow players behind them to pass ahead at the next tee box.


Marks of your Game.

Replacing divots is a big one and we will very much appreciate if you could help with that.

Please repair the ball marks on greens and you will be rewarded with fewer putts.

Rake and cover any trace of your presence in the bunkers and no one will know you missed the green.


Out of Bounds.

Out of bounds is considered for the following areas:

  • anywhere outside the borders of the course, marked by the fence or posts
  • the street behind green and fairway #3
  • between holes #2 and #5, as marked with white posts

Options to continue playing:

  • You may return to the tee box and have one stroke penalty,
  • You may drop the ball at the estimated spot where it went out of bounds, on the nearest fairway edge that is not nearer the hole and get two strokes penalty.


No Play Zone.

If, when playing hole # 2, you are ever in a position where the ball lands to the right of the white & green poles, between holes # 2 and # 1, please take it and drop it at one-club distance left of the post’s line, in the approximate place where it came out of the playing area. No penalty here, just birdies.


Unplayable Ball.

If you decide that you cannot play the ball as it lies, you have three options

  • Drop the ball within two club lengths of where your ball is lying but no nearer the hole, under one stroke penalty.
  • Drop the ball back as far as you like on a line keeping the point where your ball is currently lying between you and the flagstick, again under penalty of one stroke.
  • If your ball lies next to a sprinkler head, electric box, alleys or any other man-made object, drop

the ball within two club lengths without penalty.


Pets Policy.

Izvor de Golf is a pet friendly location. You may bring your friend as long as it’s not bothering other guests.

Keep your pet close, a leash must connect you too at all times during your visit.

While you prepare to perform, please have your pet “anchored” safely.

Please collect any waste and leave them in one of our welcoming trash cans.

If your pet is loud and bothers other players, you will have to take the conversation somewhere else.